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May 13th 2024

What to know about blood tests


For some people the idea of a blood test might make them feel frightened. However, this shouldn’t put you off getting one as blood tests can be a simple and effective method of obtaining information about your body. This can in turn be used to assess general health, diagnose conditions, or gauge the risk of certain diseases. Find out more about how blood testing works below.


What happens during a blood test


A blood test is a very simple procedure that involves a sample of blood being taken from one of your superficial veins, usually from the inside of the elbow. Although it can also be taken from the back of your hand. In either case, a tourniquet (small strap) is placed on the arm to help make the vein easier to find. Some blood tests can also be done by a finger prick test method. The blood is then sent to a lab or other facility for testing.

There is minimal preparation needed before having a blood test, although a healthcare professional will sometimes recommend not eating before the test. However, being hydrated will make it easier for a blood sample to be taken. At VIDA Clinics, we like to sit down with our guests to go through their symptoms/medical history before going ahead with any medical treatments or tests. After your blood has been taken, a piece of gauze is held over the puncture spot for a few minutes.

What types of blood test are there?

The blood tests we perform can vary depending on how the blood is analysed and what it is being tested for. The method used to obtain the blood sample will remain the same. For example, a troponin blood test will check the level of troponin protein in your blood to help assess damage to the heart.


What do blood tests check for?


There are a wide range of information that can be gathered about the body through a blood test, which means it can be used to diagnose a variety of conditions. It typically takes a few days for the results of a blood test to come back. VIDA offers rapid blood testing where our practitioners get your results in as little as 20 minutes.

Book your blood test today


VIDA Clinics offer blood testing appointments at various locations across the north west. These are designed to be entirely flexible to meet your needs. For instance, our blood tests can assess hormone levels, genetics, and provide information useful for sporting performance. We want our guests to have a comfortable experience when they visit us.  Contact us if you have any questions.

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