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9th February 2024

How much is a private GP appointment?


If you’re considering booking a private GP appointment you might be wondering how much it would cost to help decide whether it’s worth doing. Private GP’s can offer a wide range of benefits compared to getting an appointment through the NHS, and for many people it can be beneficial to seek private care to ensure their needs are fully met. In this guide, we’ll be looking at how much a private GP appointment costs and what’s included. So, you can be fully aware of what to expect from a private appointment.


What happens during a private GP appointment?

Unlike a brief 10-minute appointment through the NHS, that can sometimes feel too rushed and not as personal as you would like, a private GP will take the time to review your medical history, talk about your health concerns in detail, and carry out any physical examinations that might be needed. You will get the time and attention you deserve with  an accurate diagnosis that will effectively resolve your health concern or refer you to the appropriate specialist for ongoing care if needed.

A private GP appointment also gives you the time to work on preventative healthcare, so you can get ahead of potential issues before they develop further. Additionally, you will have a ‘Guest Advocate’ with you. They will offer additional support and ensure you get the most out of the appointment with the GP.


How much does a private GP appointment cost?

At VIDA Clinics you can access a private GP appointment for as little as £50 for a video or telephone consultation. If you feel like you need to speak to a GP in person about your health concern, you can book a face-to-face appointment with a private doctor for £100. This appointment lasts 30 minutes, but you can have a 45-minute consultation for £150 or 60 minutes for £200. Also, our private GP’s can send referral letters for £25 and offer prescriptions for £30.


What are the benefits of seeing a private GP?

The NHS is under a significant amount of pressure currently that is only getting worse with increasing demands for services and trying to catch up following the coronavirus pandemic. Getting a private GP appointment can be beneficial to both the patient and the NHS.

This is because the patient can receive a more in-depth and personal experience to treat their concern quickly and effectively as well as avoid the stress of a potentially lengthy wait time, and some of the pressure on the NHS will be relieved. Allowing them to recover and provide a high standard of service to all patients in the future.

Also, our private GPs write to your NHS GP following any treatment you might have. This will help to make sure that your medical history is kept fully up to date and avoid any confusion at any NHS appointments you may have in the future after seeing a private GP.


Hopefully, this guide has offered you a greater insight into the cost of a private GP appointment and the value of the service you’re getting for your money. VIDA Clinics can offer patients in the North West an efficient and dedicated medical service that goes above and beyond your expectations. Book a private GP appointment online with us today or contact us if you have any specific questions or queries.

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