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IV Drip Therapy VIDA Blog

7th February 2024

How does IV drip therapy work?


Oftentimes, when people think of an IV drip their mind immediately goes to a hospital room and someone needing medical support. This is a misconception. While IV drips can be used for recovery, IV drip therapy is a wellness treatment intended to allow people to function better on a day-today basis. The process of administering an IV drip is far simpler than most people would expect 

See below for details on how IV drip therapy works, both medically and in terms of what you can expect from VIDA Clinics’ IV drip treatment.


What does an IV drip do?

An IV drip is a form of intravenous treatment, meaning it is administered directly into the bloodstream. Where a hospital IV drip will typically contain blood products, imaging substances, and medications for the treatment of certain conditions, IV therapy drips often contain fluids that the body needs to function at its best. The goal of IV drip therapy is to make improvements to a variety of bodily processes, all of which can lead to better quality of life.

IV therapy comes in two different types, which vary based on the amount of fluids injected as well as the overall duration. These are IV push therapy and IV drip therapy. The latter allows for a greater amount of fluid to be administered gradually. The IV drips for therapeutic use can contain anywhere between 250-1000ml of solution.

Uses and potential benefits of IV drip therapy

This treatment is primarily used to deliver essential fluids, such as nutrients and vitamins, directly to your bloodstream. This method allows nutrition and medication to infuse at a much quicker pace than it would if it was taken orally. This is because intravenous delivery bypasses the digestive tract. Use of IV drip therapy can also produce better results, as there is less opportunity for the substance to be polluted. Both types of IV therapy have been shown to result in a 90-100% vitamin absorption rate in most cases.

Another possible benefit of IV drip therapy is that it’s flexible. Professional clinicians will schedule a consultation to establish which fluids and their amounts are best suited to you. As such, this treatment can be planned and tailored specifically to meet your needs. Most drips will contain a saline solution (salt water) and a glucose solution (sugar water), along with the chosen minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and nutrients.





For some patients, an IV drip can lead to any of the following:

  • Feeling energised.
  • Strengthened immunity.
  • Increased recovery time after exercise.
  • Improved sleep patterns.
  • Balanced blood sugar.
  • Reduction in headaches and migraines.
  • Improved hangover.
  • Increased fertility and improvements to hormone imbalance.
  • Elevated mood.
  • Reduced sings of aging.

Note that none of the above is guaranteed. The effects of this treatment will vary from person to person, depending on a range of factors.

The process of IV drip therapy

The concept of having an IV drip can seem intimidating. However, an IV therapy session involves minimal invasion of the body with little to no risks associated with the treatment. This is because we evaluate our patient’s medical history beforehand, accompanied by a routine blood test where needed. Once all considerations have been made, and the appropriate fluids have been chosen and measured, the process of IV drip therapy can start. This follows the steps below.

  1. A member of our qualified team of medical professionals will disinfect the area of skin around the injection site. This will often be located on the arm.
  2. They will then locate an appropriate vein and insert the catheter (a small plastic tube) using a needle.
  3. A final check is made to ensure that the fluid is travelling down the tube and into the vein without interruption, and at the correct rate.


Once the catheter is securely in place, you are free to relax in one of our comfortable chairs for the duration of the treatment. For intravenous drip therapy, this is typically 45-60 minutes although this period can be extended depending on patient anatomy. You can read, watch things on your phone, or even have a nap if you like. Our therapy room is designed to offer comfort to anyone who comes in for a session of IV drip therapy.

Searching for a therapeutic IV drip near me?

Those in Merseyside should look no further than VIDA clinics for access to IV drip therapy. We have facilities in Woodside (Birkenhead), South Road (Liverpool), Birchwood (Warrington), and Chester. Regardless of location, all our staff are friendly and considerate. We’ll take the time to get you familiar with what’s involved in IV drip therapy and provide any information and advice you need. At the end of the day, our primary concern is your wellbeing. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions regarding this treatment, or any of our other services.

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