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20th February 2024

Everything you should know about workplace medicals


In certain industries, workers are required to undergo medical assessments before they can work or continue to work. This is on top of any skills and knowledge required to qualify for the job. Oftentimes, it’s the worker’s responsibility to organise a workplace medical and be able to present a valid certificate that proves they’re fit to work. This post is designed to give you all the information you need to know about workplace medicals, to ensure you get assessed properly and don’t miss out on work.


When do I need a workplace medical?

There isn’t a set time when you can be asked to do a workplace medical, instead it will vary depending on the industry you’re working in and the employer. Generally, however, there are three main types of medicals for the workplace.

  • Pre-employment medical – used to screen candidates based on various health requirements. Can result in some adjustments to their role or working conditions to help get the best outcome for both parties.
  • Returning to work assessment – someone who has been off sick or injured might be required to have a fitness assessment before they come back to the workplace.
  • Fit for duty – when drastic changes occur in someone’s workplace environment, employees might have assessments conducted to judge how they’re adapting.

Nevertheless, all workplace medicals share the objective of checking whether someone is fit for work. This can also help lead to maximised productivity, better quality of work, and reduced risk of workplace injuries.


Industries with mandatory workplace medicals

While a workplace medical certificate can be issued by a wide range of private healthcare professionals, there are some industry-specific bodies which medical certificates need to be registered with. At VIDA Clinics, we offer dedicated services for Taxi Driver Medical and OEUK Medical (Offshore Energies UK) appointments.


What’s involved in a workplace medical?

The primary goal of workplace medical assessments is to take measurements and conduct tests to create a picture of someone’s fitness to work. Although there can be differences in what’s involved in the assessment as mentioned previously, most workplace medicals will include:

  • A blood test
  • Check pulse and breathing
  • ECG (electrocardiogram)
  • Height and weight measurements
  • Take blood pressure levels
  • Check eyesight
  • X-rays of the torso

The entire process typically takes between 30 and 60 minutes. Afterwards, you should receive your workplace medical certificate within two working days. This quick turnaround is ideal as it helps to make sure you don’t suffer any disruption to your working schedule.


What do I need to bring?

When you’ve secured a consultation for a workplace medical, be aware that you’ll have to bring the following when you attend:

  • Passport and any additional passport photos.
  • Medical records as provided by your GP.
  • Vaccination records as provided by your GP.
  • Fee for the medical which may be authorised by your employer.

Book a workplace medical at VIDA Clinics

The VIDA team love seeing our regular guests who come in for their workplace medicals every few years or so. We understand that doing these tests can feel like a chore, which is why our professionals take every opportunity to have a chat with guests. Even if you don’t need to do a workplace medical, you may want to get an insight into your health and fitness across a variety of body parts. The VIDA Healthcheck offers a range of options whether you want to get peace of mind, work towards a fitness goal, or collect in-depth medical data about bodily processes. Contact VIDA Clinics today for more information or to book your workplace medical appointment.

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