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1st March 2024

A VIDA success story from our client


At VIDA Clinics our team are passionate and dedicated to providing the best possible healthcare services to our clients and sometimes that can have a direct hand in saving a person’s life. We’re proud to share this incredible story from one of our clients that started at VIDA.

May 2023

A remarkable journey unfolded at VIDA Clinics that underlines the importance of proactive healthcare. A 68-year-old gentleman, initially with symptoms of breathlessness and chest pain, sought our assistance when these symptoms persisted during routine activities.

Our dedicated team, led by Dr. James Sowerby, acted swiftly, conducting an ECG, and recognising the urgency. Referring the patient to our partner, VENTURI Warrington, for specialised cardiology tests proved instrumental. Dr Murray thorough examinations revealed severe coronary heart disease, prompting a swift intervention.

September 14th 

The journey continued at Broadgreen Heart Clinic, where Mr. John Hung’s expertise in performing an angiogram on September 14th unearthed a critical situation. Emergency action was imperative – a triple bypass was performed successfully on September 22nd by Mr. Ottoman.

September 27th 

The patient left the hospital on September 27th, embarking on a 3-month recovery period with the promise of extended life due to the new arteries.

Our heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to the extraordinary staff at Venturi and Broadgreen Heart Clinic. Your collaborative efforts and unwavering dedication to patient care are truly commendable. We take pride in being part of a healthcare journey that saved a life.

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