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Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer among men in the UK.

Each year, approximately 52,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer, with a death attributed to the disease occurring every 45 minutes, astonishingly this amounts to more than 12,000 deaths per year.  It is therefore important to recognise the signs and symptoms associated with the condition and seek medical help if you think you may be affected.

That’s why, VIDA Clinics have teamed up with Prostate Cancer UK to help raise awareness for prostate cancer and break the taboos that may be holding men back from seeking treatment.

We're now offering prostate cancer screenings for £50, including a digital rectal examination and PSA blood test with rapid results available within 20 minutes. 10% of the screening fee will be donated to Prostate Cancer UK.

What is prostate cancer and what are the symptoms?

The prostate is a small walnut sized gland positioned between the penis and bladder, that is essential for healthy reproductive function in the male body. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer to affect men around the world and understanding the signs and symptoms of the condition are vital to early detection and effective treatment.

If you have experienced frequent urination, trouble fully emptying your bladder or difficulty urinating these could indicate a problem with the prostate gland and you should seek a medical consultation as soon as possible.

VIDA Clinics Face the Finger campaign!

We've distributed beer mats to businesses throughout the Liverpool region to highlight our new 'Face the Finger' campaign, designed to raise awareness of prostate cancer and encourage men to have a prostate examination.

10% of a VIDA Clinics prostate cancer screening fee will be donated to Prostate Cancer UK.


The digital rectal examination is a physical examination of the prostate gland, performed by a doctor who will insert a gloved and lubricated finger inside the rectum to search for any abnormalities. This procedure is quick and easy to do with minimal discomfort.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding these procedures, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

The PSA blood test is a also simple and quick to perform, which aims to detect elevated levels of a protein produced by the body's prostate.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding these procedures, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

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1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime

VIDA Clinics are raising awareness of prostate cancer and encouraging men to talk about their health more openly and attend prostate cancer screenings. While a rectal examination may be a daunting prospect for many the minor discomfort experienced is dwarfed by the vast benefits of early cancer detection. Screenings save lives.

Don't hesitate, book an appointment with one of our experienced clinicians today.

10% of the fee will be donated to the Prostate Cancer UK charity.

Breaking down barriers

Having a prostate cancer screening is the best way to detect the early symptoms of prostate cancer but many men are reluctant or embarrassed to ask their doctor about having the procedure done.

Here at VIDA Clinics we want to encourage men to talk openly about their health and advocate the use of screenings to trigger positive change for attitudes towards men's health in wider society.

Frequently Asked Questions
Does prostate cancer only affect older men?

It is a common misconception that prostate cancer only affects older men. Prostate cancer does not discriminate and can affect any man regardless of race, age, or social-economic circumstances. However, the chances of developing prostate cancer do increase as you get older with most cases diagnosed in the over 50's.

Is prostate cancer always terminal?

Prostate cancer usually develops slowly over time, with regular screening and health checkups it is possible to detect the signs of cancer earlier, meaning a better chance of effective treatments.

Is prostate cancer hereditary?

If you have family members who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer you may have a slightly higher rick that you could be affected too. This does not mean you will develop the condition, but regular screenings are advisable.

Does prostate cancer always require aggressive treatments?

Even if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, you may not require treatment, instead your doctor may recommend monitoring the condition of the prostate instead.

How important is screening?

Screenings are an important tool in the fight against prostate cancer, they are proven to aid early detection of the disease and improve the chances of successful treatment for those diagnosed.

Does a high level of PSA in a blood test result always mean cancer?

While it is true that a high level of PSA in the blood can indicate prostate cancer, there are other conditions like an infection of the gland, or an enlarged prostate could be the cause.

Is prostate cancer very aggressive?

The speed at which prostate cancer develops can vary significantly. Some prostate cancers are slow growing and may only require monitoring initially rather than treatment, while others require more immediate intervention.

Is it possible to prevent prostate cancer with a healthy diet?

A healthy diet can have many different benefits for your overall health, but it does not guarantee protection from prostate cancer. However, regular screenings are an excellent way to protect yourself.

Will prostate cancer treatment cause impotence?

Impotence is one of the possible side-effects of treatments for more advanced prostate cancers but not all men experience this, your doctor will be able to discuss any concerns you have regarding the side-effects of any treatments with you individually.

Any Questions?

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