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VIDA Clinics, here for all your contraceptive and fertility testing needs.

From contraception to fertility testing, here at VIDA Clinics we have the necessary technical expertise and latest technology to give our guests a relaxing and exemplary experience.

Our specialists are ready to guide you from the get-go, with informative and reassuring consultations to fast, accurate results, their work is solely focused on you and your well-being. 

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Fertility Testing

A VIDA fertility assessment can help to make difficult decisions a little easier by providing you with accurate, timely information and expert advice.

During the assessment we will perform what is known as an AMH Blood Test - used to determine a woman's ability to produce eggs that can be fertilized for pregnancy - which will provide us with vital information to help you and your family make the right decision for you.

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Methods of Contraception

Deciding which method of contraception is best for you can be a difficult decision to make on your own. Here at VIDA clinics we offer discreet consultations with experienced healthcare professionals who will guide you from start to finish.

Services we offer include the insertion and removal of copper coil, mirena coil, and contraceptive implant. As well as other methods of contraception including pills, patches, and gels. 

Book a consultation with VIDA to discuss your options.

Any Questions?

Simply book a consultation at one of our locations below and we can can address any concerns you may have, to help advise you on the best course of treatment for your individual needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Our Locations
VIDA Woodside

1 Pacific Road



CH41 1LJ

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VIDA South Road

18 South Road



L22 5PQ

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VIDA Birchwood
Venturi Cardiology

720 Birchwood Boulevard



VIDA Chester
Total Fitness

53 Liverpool Rd



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