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Semi-permanent make up

Enhance your natural beauty with VIDA

Semi-permanent make up is an aesthetic treatment that adds definition to the face, enhances features and gives a natural make up appearance. This reduces the need to apply make up to those areas. The treatment can be used to enhance the lips, eyebrows and eyeliner and eyelashes. Our skilled technician will assess the area and use a combination of pigments to achieve the most natural and effective results.

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Benefits of semi-permanent make up include:

  • Younger looking features
  • Confidence boost
  • Make up ready look, day and night
  • Saves time and effort
  • Long-lasting


What's involved?

Consultations are required with any semi-permanent make up procedure, at least 48 hours before treatment.

During the consultation, our technician will take some photos and discuss what will be achieved. Our technician will then pre draw the area giving a visual idea of what the finished look will be. This can be adapted and tweaked to achieve the best look, decided by both our technician and guest. 

A variety of pigments shades will be then tested directly on the skin. This will determine skin tone and allow our technician to use their knowledge in colour theory, to select the correct pigment for the skin i.e. a warm, cool or neutral base.

If there is any pigment left behind from previous procedures such as, eyebrows that have healed with a pink or grey tone left behind, this can also be corrected. Unwanted tones can be neutralised by using modern pigments.


To create the desired look, pigment is implanted into the skin between the dermal layer and the epidermis using a fine, vibrating needle.

Local anaesthetic is applied to the area to numb and ease any discomfort. The sensation is often referred to as feeling like a scratch however, this should not be painful. If any discomfort is felt, our technician can apply more local anaesthesia.

Guests can expect to spend up to 2 hours with us during the treatment.


Results can vary from guest to guest. There are many factors that can affect the longevity of the treatment such as; lifestyle, immune system and medications. Generally, the treatment will last from 1 to 3 years and will gradually fade over time as the body naturally, breaks down the pigment and the skin renews itself.


Please note, this treatment will be performed by DahLyns, a specialist semi-permanent makeup provider working in partnership with VIDA Clinics.

Visit DahLyns' Instagram page below to find out more about their services.


An eyebrow treatment can frame the face, compliment the features and create a more youthful appearance.

The shape will be determined by using a brow mapping technique. This maps out facial proportions to achieve symmetry and sculpts the most flattering shape. Our technician will also consider your own brow shape, brow bone structure and face shape to get the final shape.

Our technician will use a variety of techniques such as, hair strokes or the whipping technique to achieve a subtle, natural finish. The techniques used will depend on the look, skin texture and longevity of results.

Lip Blush

Lip blush treatment can create a more youthful appearance along with a gentle hue of fresh colour. This gives natural results, once healed.

Lip blush gives definition and the illusion of fullness, this can be an alternative or complimentary treatment to lip filler injections.

A delicate lip blush contour can replace the vermillion border (the outline of the lips). This is sometimes lost over time with age or scarring from lifestyle or cold sores.

Eyeliner / Lash enhancement

Eyes can be accentuated and defined by implanting pigment in-between the eyelashes to give the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes.

Eyeliner can accentuate the eyes, enhance the shape and can be applied to both top and bottom lids. Treatments can be natural and subtle or can be designed to give a ‘make up’ look.

Suitable Candidates


Semi permanent makeup is suitable for both Men and Women, all skin tones and skin textures however, there are some conditions that would be unsafe to have semi permanent make up;


  • Viral infections or diseases (Sufferer’s of the herpes virus are advised to take anti-viral medication before procedure as trauma to the mouth can result in a coldsore breakout)
  • On-going chemotherapy (Must be at least 6 months since last treatment).
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Skin conditions such as Psoriasis/ Rosacea in the area.
  • Proneness to Keloid scar formation.
  • Blood thinning medication (Unless approved by Doctor, we would require written proof)
  • Diabetes (Unless approved by Doctor, we would require written proof).
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Anti wrinkle injection and dermal filler (At least 2 weeks since last treatment).


Any contra indications will be discussed at the consultation.

What's involved?

Immediately after a semi permanent make up procedure, the area will appear brighter, darker and bolder than the final results and will appear more defined for approximately 3-6 days, sometimes longer.

The area will then begin to peel, this is completely normal. As healing progresses, the colour will soften, may disappear or look slightly dull/light/grey, this is also completely normal. Fully healed colour can take up to 6 weeks to resurface.

Depending on each individual and the body’s recovery rate, the treated area may appear patchy or light. At the top up appointment, this will be checked along with the shape and colour and will be topped up if necessary.

For the first two weeks following the procedure, the following aftercare advise should be followed;

  • Avoid and soap to the area
  • Avoid cleansers to the area
  • Avoid sun/ tanning
  • Avoid swimming
  • Avoid saunas
  • Avoid make up
  • Avoid excessive sweating
  • Top up required 4-6 weeks after first treatment.
  • Apply SPF/ Sunscreen daily.
  • Exposure to the sun, over time, can cause fading/ colour change.
  • Avoid glycolic acid or peels on treated area.
  • Colour boost appointment to be booked is recommended every 12 months.


"Lynsey is an amazing , confident permanent makeup specialist. She clearly goes through the whole process of treatment and aftercare and always delivers the results ! I’m so pleased with my brows and look forward to my yearly popups to keep them looking fresh." - Gemma Glenn

"Hi Lynsey ….. I’m made up with my eyebrows and my perfume recommendation ! Good luck with your new venture and ill see you for my next top-up." - Eve Smith

"Lynsey, thank you so much for my brows, no more pencil etc , just wash and wear lol. I feel like I've made a friend too. Remind me when launch night is in the new venue, wishing you all the luck in the new premises which are beautiful!" - Lin Muldoon

"Sorry I didn’t thank you sooner but wanted to wait until they were fully healed , after 10 days I could not be any happier they’ve healed perfectly. I cannot believe how natural they look - I’ve never looked at myself in the mirror so many times. THANK YOU x" - Jeanette Lin

"6 stars !!! Lynsey is amazing, I have never been so happy with my new eyebrows. The care and attention is second to none, my face is framed perfectly. Thank you xxxx" - Nicola Flynn

"Just had my consultation and skin test for my eyebrow micropigmentation with the lovely Lynsey . Clinic was spotless and welcoming. Everything was explained and questions answered. Very excited for my next appointment!" - Vicky Shanahan

"Had my Lipblush done by Lynsey, I was a bit nervous at first but once I’d had my consultation Lynsey completely put me at ease. It’s the best thing I’ ever done , so happy with them and saves me so much time in the morning on my makeup routine. Will definitely go back and couldn’t recommend her more." - Tracey Gallagher

"Hi Lynsey can my daughter in law come to you for her eyebrows, I’ve highly recommended you, I love mine" - Lin Muldoon



All of our world class pigments adhere to the new EU REACH regulations 2022. (Reach is the European Union Regulation, developed to guarantee the health and safety of people and their natural environment from the risks posed by certain chemicals).

Cruelty free, vegan ingredients; Aqua, modified acrylic polymer, glycerin and benzyl alcohols.


White male with short brown hair smiling in a grey hoody

It's not just for women!

It's worth remembering that semi-permanent make up is not just for women. Modern men want to enhance their natural features with semi-permanent makeup too. In addition, VIDA Clinics also offer the option to help soften the appearance of scar tissue.

Whether you are looking for eye, lip or brow enhancements or help minimising the appearance of scars, VIDA Clinics can help.

Any Questions?

Simply book a consultation at one of our locations below and we can address any concerns you may have, to help advise you on the best course of treatment for your individual needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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