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Get your hair and confidence back 

Losing your hair can have a significant effect on your mental health and overall confidence in your appearance. Deciding to have a hair transplant can make a massive difference to your life and how you feel about your body. With that in mind, the team at VIDA Clinics are proud to announce that we’re working in partnership with The Fedorov Clinic which is a specialist Hair Restoration Clinic. They will be providing the highest standard of hair transplants in Liverpool out of our clinics.

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Get Your Hair And Confidence Back | VIDA Clinics

Natural looking hair restoration 

Through our partners at The Fedorov Clinic you can access the most popular and least invasive form of hair restoration available, known as FUE hair transplants. Also, not every hair transplant specialist delivers the high standards that The Fedorov Clinic pride themselves on. So, a repair service can also be provided to ensure you get the results you’re expecting from your hair transplant.   

Ready to start your hair restoration journey? 

If you’re looking for a Liverpool hair transplant clinic that can provide transformative natural-looking results, The Fedorov Clinic in partnership with VIDA can help.  

Frequently asked questions
How long does a hair transplant last?

When you have a specialist surgeon and dedicated hair loss clinic, along with aftercare that is tailored to your specific needs, a FUE hair transplant like Fedorov provides can last forever.

Is a hair transplant painful?

A FUE hair transplant shouldn’t be painful during the procedure, but the areas of the scalp that have been treated will probably feel quite sore and tender once the anaesthetic has worn off. Your surgeon will discuss aftercare with you and how to manage any pain you might experience during healing.  

Can you wear a hat after a hair transplant?

After a hair transplant, your head will likely be a bit swollen with bleeding and scabbing for a couple of days, which you might feel like you want to cover with a hat. Whilst your surgeon will give you specific advice following the procedure, generally it’s recommended that you avoid wearing a hat for at least 7 to 10 days. This will allow enough time for the grafts to anchor themselves to the scalp permanently.  

How long does a hair transplant take to heal?

Exact results will vary from patient to patient, however in most cases recovery from hair transplant surgery typically takes around 2 weeks. During the healing process it’s important to avoid strenuous activity, alcohol, and tobacco as much as possible as they might impact your recovery time. To get a clear evaluation of the results of the surgery and whether it was successful in meeting your expectations, you will need to wait around 12 months while the hair regrows.  

How do you sleep after a hair transplant?

Your scalp and hair follicles will be delicate for the first 10 days after your surgery, which means it’s important to take care with how you sleep. To prevent any damage to the hair you should sleep on your back with your head elevated with an additional pillow to your normal one. Also, a travel pillow can be helpful in ensuring you don’t turn over. Being slightly upright will protect your scalp from further swelling and avoid the risk of affecting the grafts during the first few crucial days of healing.  

What is a FUE hair transplant?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a process that involves taking healthy hair follicles from a different area of the head and transplanting them to a thinning area to replace lost or thinned hair. The procedure is minimally invasive but requires skill and precision from the surgeon to achieve the best and most natural results. Its overwhelmingly positive outcomes have resulted in it becoming the go-to hair restoration process.  

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