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Complaints Policy


Patients using the DATI Medical Limited independent healthcare service will have access to a complaints procedure in the event they are unhappy with any aspect of the service being provided.

Patients’ complaints and comments will be listened to and acted upon.

This policy outlines the different stages of the complaints procedure and includes arrangements to identify, receive, record, handle and respond to any complaint.

DATI Medical Limited will take all reasonable steps to ensure that its staff are aware of and comply with this policy and procedure.

Making a complaint


DATI Medical Limited is committed to providing a high-quality healthcare service. However, if any patient is unhappy with any aspect of the healthcare service being provided, they will be invited to make a complaint.

If a patient wishes to make a complaint whilst they are in the clinic premises, then the member of staff in charge at the time, or treating medical practitioner, will attempt to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, on the assumption that it is within the power of both members of staff to do so. Staff must escalate all complaints to the Clinic Manager (Complaints Lead) if they are unable to resolve.

No patient, or person acting on their behalf, will be discriminated against for making a complaint.

No person's care and treatment at DATI Medical Limited will affected in any way if a complaint is made by them or on their behalf. All staff must ensure that they take time to listen to the concerns raised and reassure the person complaining that it will not have any adverse impact on their care and treatment.

The timescale in which a complaint can be made is 6 months from the date on which the matter occurred, or the matter came to the notice of the complainant.

Beyond a period of 6 months, DATI Medical Limited reserves the right to use discretion to investigate, especially if there are good reasons for a complaint not having been received with the 6 months and whether it is still possible to investigate the case effectively.

If a complainant is not satisfied after a complaint has been investigated and a response provided, DATI Medical Limited will provide information to the complainant in terms of escalating the complaint to the Independent Doctors Federation, Complaints Resolution Procedure

The contact details are:

Independent Doctors Federation (IDF) CEO The Medical Society of London
Lettsom House
11 Chandos St
Marylebone London W1G 9EB