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South Road


VIDA - Clinics Like No Other

Welcome to VIDA South Road

Here at VIDA South Road in Liverpool, we offer a range of affordable Private Medical, Aesthetics and Wellness services.

Located in Waterloo near to Crosby Beach, VIDA South Road is easily accessible by train, bus or car.

At VIDA Clinics, we use cutting edge technology to provide the best possible service to all of our guests. We pride ourselves on being empathetic and approachable, helping you to reach the solution which is right for you.

Our Medical Services 

VIDA South Road offers a full range of medical services that support our guest's health. Each of our services prioritises you, meaning if you’re looking to see a doctor as soon as possible, our private GP's in Waterloo can offer appointments exactly when you need them, without the long wait times and stressful experience.  

We can help with more general needs like medicals, sexual health, and private blood tests. Or if you require a more specific service, our South Road clinic also works in specialist areas such as gynaecology, dermatology, cardiology, and more.  

Crosby Statues
VIDA South Road
18 South Road,
Waterloo, Liverpool
L22 5PQ
0333 300 2979 Find us on Google Maps
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Read to visit VIDA South Road?

Whether you require a medical consultation with one of our expert clinicians, VIDA Healthcheck with blood testing services, or want to look and feel your best with our Aesthetics and Healthy Living services we can't wait to welcome you to VIDA South Road!