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The ‘Health Positive’ mindset is built on the belief that the groundwork for happiness is health.


Most of us try to improve our health in some way; eating healthier food and exercising more are the two big things most of us focus on, and of course they are two of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle. However, when we live health positively, we want to be in maximum control of our health destiny. At VIDA, we believe taking the driving seat regarding our health and future wellbeing is essential, when you are living health positive you are in charge, and it feels great! You won’t only think of your health when you feel unwell, instead you will practise preventative wellness. You will feel the very best you can, instead of settling for ‘just okay’ you will enjoy elevated health. You will look after yours and your family’s health today and you will feel confident looking forward to tomorrow..​

A pregnant woman in a yellow dress walks outdoors with husband and child

The Seven Pillars of Health Positivity​


1. The groundwork for happiness is health.​

2. Be in complete control of your health destiny.

3. Looking after your family’s health today and looking forward to tomorrow.

4. Putting your wellness at the top of your ‘to-do list’

5. A health care experience that makes you feel like a guest, where you enjoy the process and not just the end result.

6. Where the time is taken to make you and your health a priority.

7. Taking care of your health should be a pleasure and not a chore


A father with his son on his shoulders laughs with wife at the beach

The Health Positive Mindset​


The ‘Health Positive’ mindset is built on VIDA’s belief that the groundwork for happiness is health. That being healthy is the most fundamental element of living a fulfilled life. We all know this, but most of us can be guilty of not putting our wellness at the top of our to-do list, it can be quite astonishing the things we can sometimes prioritise over ours and our family’s health.

Enjoying the process of achieving good health, and not simply the end result of being healthy, is a key part of living health positively. It is important your health care experience makes you feel like a guest, and you enjoy every visit from start to finish. Where time is taken to make your health a priority. Put simply, to be health positive, taking care of your health must be a pleasure and not a chore.​​


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