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Are you worried about your Eosinophilia?

What causes Eosinophilia?

Eosinophilia occurs when these cells are rounded up in a certain area of the body, or if they are overproduced by the bone marrow. Causes are varied and include everything from hay-fever and allergies to skin and autoimmune disorders. In extreme cases eosinophilia can be linked to bone marrow cancer or lymph node cancer.

You should also seek further medical attention if you experience any of the following:

Eosinophilia will only be found when you are having a blood test, more commonly when you are taking a blood test for another medical reason. Most cases of eosinophilia are moderate and if properly diagnosed your doctor will be able to find the root cause and set you on a treatment path to bring you eosinophilia levels back to normal.

In extreme cases your doctor may consult specialists, conduct further testing, and monitor your symptoms over time to check the severity of the condition causing your eosinophilia.

Are you worried about your Eosinophilia?

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